In-Home Recreation Volunteer   
Alzheimer Society Huron Perth, In-Home Recreation Program, Betty Cardno Memorial Centre, Clinton
Perth County

The In-Home Recreation Program is seeking fun-loving volunteers to brighten the days of our elders by visiting them in their homes. You'll get to spend quality time with some of the most interesting people around - just be warned, they may not remember your name by the end of the day!

Schedule is very flexible and visits will happen 1/week for 1 hour at client's home. 

But don't worry, that just means every visit will feel like a first date. Who doesn't love the excitement of introducing themselves over and over again? Plus, you'll have plenty of opportunities to tell your favorite jokes, play games, or just enjoy a good chat with your new friends.

So if you're ready to put a smile on someone's face and have a few laughs along the way, come join us at the Alzheimer Society Huron Perth. We promise it'll be a memorable experience - for both you and your new companions!

Board Member   Simcoe County 
CONTACT Community Services, Alliston - 39 Victoria St E

Board Commitment:

The Board meets at least eight times a year and generally takes the summer months off (as well as December and January, although this fluctuates based on need). Board Members are expected to participate in occasional activities such as fundraisers, board subcommittees (when required), and participation in email discussions (only when in-person or virtual discussion is not possible).

Meetings are held virtually, ensuring accessibility for all Board members located throughout a large region. Board meetings are often not more than one hour in length, given members are expected to have reviewed the Board report beforehand.

Duties & Responsibilities:

· To resolutely uphold the interests of CONTACT Community Services, avoiding conflicts of interest in personal or other    business.

· To maintain the confidentiality of restricted Board information.

· To be open to serving as an active member on at least one board appointed committee (if possible).

· To attend Board and committee meetings on a regular and timely basis,with a full understanding of the agenda and      accompanying package. All materials are circulated in advance to allow for ample time for member review. The ED  encourages any member to reach out for clarification prior to the meeting to help support efficiency at the meetings.

· To conduct Board business in a professional manner.

· To be an active participant in all Board issues, providing a positive influence; open to change and creative problem solving.

· To interact with all other Board members with respect and dignity.

Skills and Abilities of Individual Board Members:

· Experience in the field or lived experience related to the organization’s mission and purpose.

· Knowledge and skills in one or more areas of board governance: policy, finance, programs, legal, personnel, and advocacy.

· Experience with strategic planning and organizational development.

· History and knowledge of one of the South Simcoe communities: Essa, Adjala-Tosorontio, Innisfil, New  Tecumseth,Bradford West Gwillimbury.

· Experience with communications, branding and/or philanthropy.

Volunteer Crisis Responder   Simcoe County 
North Simcoe Victim Services, Orillia, Victim Crisis Assistance Ontario

NSVS work along side the First Responders and support anyone that has been effected by crime or tragic circumstances.  Non-profit organization that runs 24/7, 365 days a year. As a crisis responder you may be asked to assist the OPP or other first responders to help victims and/or families.  Requirements include a valid driver's licenc, vehicle and a cell phone.

Food Rescue Volunteer Driver   Grey County  Simcoe County 
E3 Community Services, Collingwood - Pretty River Pkwy N
South Georgian Bay

Deliver donated food to Individuals and families in South Georgian Bay. 
Willingness to build joyful relationships!

Food Fairy   Grey County  Simcoe County 
Georgian Triangle Humane Society

The GTHS Food Fairy ensures that all kittens and cats in the building are fed. Other duties include: 

  • topping up water 
  • washing food dishes 
  • tidying 
  • record keeping as necessary and following the feeding chart accurately.

Of course, our cats will also appreciate cuddles and play time!

Client Support Volunteer   Simcoe County 
CONTACT Community Services, Alliston - 39 Victoria St E
South Simcoe (Essa, New Tecumseth, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Adjala-Tosorontio; Innisfil)

As a Client Support Volunteer, you will assist clients of CONTACT's Housing Services Department to identify, collect and compile various documents and forms they might need to apply for housing services in Simcoe County.

You will connect with them by phone or in-person at the CONTACT Community Services offices in Bradford and Alliston, or in public locations like libraries or a local Tim Horton's.

You will help them identify, photograph and email copies of documents, such as their ID, Rental Agreements, Income Statements and other documents that are needed to access support services.

In some cases, you will assist them to complete forms.

You will be able to connect directly with CONTACT's Housing Staff to get support or answers when you're not sure of next steps.

This role is important because it frees up time for Housing Staff to help clients find and access housing and other support services they might need, by limiting the amout of time spent collecting client documents and completing forms with them.

You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and not share or disclose client information to others.

Foster Parents   Muskoka District  Simcoe County 
Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions
Multiple Locations in Simcoe County and Muskoka District
Kids in our community need you! Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions is looking for Foster Parents! 
Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions is a Child Welfare (Simcoe & Muskoka) and Children’s Mental Health (Muskoka only) agency licensed by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. We support children, youth, families and communities with multiple services including fostering for children and youth up to 18 years old.  
Our agency has an urgent need for foster parents across Simcoe and Muskoka. We are looking for diverse caregivers who understand children’s needs. Children & Youth lose so much when they have to leave their community. Foster caregivers provide a safe home and a temporary solution for children and youth, while their families make the changes needed for them to come back home. 
Would you consider opening your home and heart to providing care to youth and children? Fostering can be challenging, but it’s a very rewarding career. You don’t have to be perfect to make a difference in the life of a child. Fostering can be flexible and fit in with your lifestyle! 
We encourage all applicants to apply regardless of sex, gender, marital status, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, orientation or religion.  
Our application process and training program are very detailed, and may seem daunting, but please don't let that stop you from choosing a career in fostering. We find that all successful foster parents believe that the rewards of fostering, including building strong, loving relationships that last a lifetime, far outweigh the challenges involved. 
We look forward to hearing from you! Please share with anyone you think might be interested!
Volunteer Driver   Northumberland County 
Bridgeway Family Homes, Specialized Foster Care Program
Hastings, Northumberland and Prince Edward County
With Bridgeway Support Services volunteers play a vital role in providing services to those in need.  
You can make a difference by becoming a Volunteer Driver for children and youth.
Volunteers   Simcoe County 
Georgian Village, Georgian Manor
One on one visiting with residents 
Supporting and/or facilitating group activities 
Reading or playing games with residents 
Meal assistance  
Supporting our cycling program
Hospital Assistant Volunteer   Grey County  Simcoe County 
Georgian Triangle Humane Society

The GTHS Animal Hospital contains an Operating Room, Treatment Room, Examination Room, Pharmacy and X-Ray Room and a Hospital Intake/Recovery Area, and provides spay/neuter surgeries for over 1500 homeless pets annually. Having an onsite hospital ensures animals receive timely, thorough and comprehensive care, saves dozens of daily phone calls, reduces trips back and forth to veterinary clinics, dramatically decreases the stress on GTHS animals, and leads to the additional benefit of earlier adoption availability; so these animals find their forever home quickly. The GTHS Animal Hospital also assists local pet owners in need by providing essential vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries for their pets.

    Reporting to the Director of Medicine and Hospital Registered Veterinary Technician, the Hospital Assistant Volunteer will be responsible for:
  • Maintaining the Operating Room and Prep Area
  • Overseeing the Maintenance and Packing of Surgical Instruments
  • Using sterilization & cleaning equipment (including an Autoclave)
Hospital Discharge Volunteer   Simcoe County 
Georgian Triangle Humane Society
The GTHS Animal Hospital contains an Operating Room, Treatment Room, Examination Room, Pharmacy, X-Ray Room and a Hospital Intake / Recovery Area, and provides spay/neuter surgeries for over 1500 homeless pets annually. Having an onsite hospital ensures animals receive timely, thorough and comprehensive care, saves dozens of daily phone calls, reduces trips back and forth to veterinary clinics, dramatically decreases the stress on the GTHS animals, and leads to the additional benefit of earlier adoption availability; so these animals find their forever home quickly. 
The Hospital Discharge Volunteer is responsible for discharging animals to the public after their Hospital appointment / surgery, create kennel tags and preparing for the next day's appointments and overseeing the cleanliness of the small Hospital Intake Room.
Community Dinner Volunteer at Bradford United Church   Simcoe County 
Bradford West Gwillimbury Community Initiatives, Bradford West Gwilimbury Community Initiative
Looking for team members to help once every 6 weeks at Community dinners. Each team is made up of about 10 people. Join a team or create a new one.
    Positions include:
  • Shopper/cooks: Develop menu, shop within budget, cook meal - 12 Noon-5:30 pm
  • Prep/set-up: Prepare meal and set up hall - 2 pm-3:30 pm
  • Servers: Greet community members, serve meal - 4 pm-7 pm
  • Clean-up: Clean up after meal - 5:30 pm-7 pm
Food Bank Volunteer   Simcoe County 
Our Town Food Bank
Sorting food, stocking shelves, fundraising during food drives. 
Please call beforehand to ensure volunteer positions are available
Hairstylist Assistance   Simcoe County 
Trillium Manor
  • Bring residents to the hair salon and return them to their home area
  • Assist with tasks such as removing curlers
  • Sweeping and other hair salon type duties
  • Tuck Shop Volunteer   Simcoe County 
    Trillium Manor
    Assist with weekly tuck shop program, includes:
  • Opening tuck shop
  • Setting up
  • Getting ready for residents
  • Handling cash
  • Volunteers - Activity Assistants   Simcoe County 
    Birchmere Retirement Residence
    • Attending activities, programs, and/or events with residents
    • One-on-one visits with residents; spending time chatting, playing card games, doing puzzles, crafts
    • Accompanying them on walks either within the building or outdoors (weather permitting)
    • Miscellaneous duties as needed
    St. Nicks Shopping Bazaar Volunteer   Simcoe County 
    St James Anglican Church Orillia, Orillia, Loonie Lunch
    St. Nick’s Day which is the First Saturday in December. Duties include:
  • Set Up
  • Have helpers move items from the ACW room to parlor
  • Enlist someone to sell coffee and cookies
  • Enlist helpers to setup the day before, work all day and clean up afterward
  • Tree Planting Volunteer   Simcoe County 
    Severn Sound Environmental Association

    In early spring (typically late April/early May) volunteers are needed to help plant tree seedlings in the Severn Sound watershed.  
    Site locations vary from year to year.

    Bingo Volunteer   Northumberland County 
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northumberland
    Work bingo session as part of a team, selling tickets and clearing tables.
    Volunteer   Grey County 
    Marsh Street Centre
    Choose from different options: 
    Smart Serve Certified volunteers needed as bartenders 
    Volunteers needed to help set up and/or run events including concerts, community dinners, major fundraisers, and other events. 
    Work may involve setting up chairs and tables, greeting patrons at the door, checking proof of vaccination (according to current government mandates), checking tickets, and offering information about the venue as needed to patrons.  
    Volunteers are always welcome to stay and watch the show, or leave if they need to. We often are in need of volunteers to help clean up following events.  
    Duties are geared to ability and you will never be asked to do something you're not comfortable with or haven't received training for.  
    Volunteers sometimes come in to help with special projects, for example recently we had a great team work on re-organizing some of the storage spaces in the building to support our work.  
    You can also volunteer as a Board or committee member and assist with the ongoing operations of the Marsh Street Centre in a more hands on way.
    Companion   Grey County  Simcoe County 
    Breaking Down Barriers, Independent Living Resource Centre
    • Provide weekly companionship to client of Breaking Down Barriers.
    • Assist with activities like arts & crafts, cooking, scrapbooking, weaving and Friendship Café
    • Meet for conversation, maybe go for an outing and just be a friendly face to someone who may otherwise be isolated.
    Shelter Support Volunteer   Simcoe County 
    The Lighthouse

    We are always looking for ambitious, compassionate, committed volunteers to join our team. There are a variety of positions available to fit your talents, gifts and experience.

      Available positions:
    • Kitchen Assistant
    • Maintenance
    • Drivers needed to pick-up food donations
    • Mentors
    • Housekeepers
    • Greeters
    Canine Foster Volunteer   Grey County  Simcoe County 
    Georgian Triangle Humane Society

    Canine Foster Volunteers provide a safe, loving and temporary home for puppies (4-6 puppies at a time), senior dogs and adult dogs with specific needs. You must have the ability to separate the foster animals from any pets in your home by keeping them in a separate room, if necessary. We will provide training and all the supplies you need.  
    Canine Foster Volunteers are responsible for helping the puppies, seniors and / or adult dogs in their care thrive until they are ready to be adopted (or to be returned to their owner in cases of Emergency Boarding). This will include feeding the animals at least twice a day, possibly more, potty training (for puppies), and exercising and socializing the animals. It may also include bottle feeding and administering oral medications.  
    We are ideally looking for volunteers who are willing to assist with more than one of the following foster scenarios:  

    • 4-6 puppies under 4 weeks of age, requiring bottle feeding  
    • 4-6 puppies over 4 weeks of age  
    • Dogs with medical or special needs (eg. provide medication, ensure ‘bedrest’ post-surgery) 
    • Pregnant or nursing moms  
    • Dogs in need of socialization or with behavioural concerns  
    • Dogs belonging to pet owners in need of emergency boarding in times of crisis
    Youth Volunteer   Simcoe County 
    Simcoe Village Apartments, Supportive Housing
    • One on one visiting with residents
    • Supporting and/or facilitating group activities
    • Reading or playing games with residents
    • Meal assistance
    Board Directors and Casual Volunteers   Bruce County  Grey County 
    Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce
    Chesley / Owen Sound
    Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce is a registered charity that encourages the public to anonymously submit secure Web Tips at, via our P3 Tips mobile app, or by calling our toll free 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) line.  
    We take information that will help solve any crime that has been, or is about to be, committed such as the whereabouts of wanted persons, stolen property, illegal narcotics and contraband tobacco; wildlife poaching, and animal neglect/cruelty. Information is forwarded with a guarantee of anonymity to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.  
    Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce is seeking community-minded individuals wishing to volunteer their time on our Board of Directors or to assist at our promotional or fundraising events as Casual Volunteers. 
    Please consider volunteering with Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce and become part of the solution to unsolved crime!
    Lion's Head Hospital   Bruce County 
    Brightshores Health System, Volunteer Services and Auxiliaries
    Lion's Head
    Our volunteers give their time in over 40 different areas. Our wide range of opportunities means we can find a volunteer job to suit most individuals. They assist on:
  • Nursing units
  • Various clinics
  • Operate gift shops
  • Escort patients and visitors and give directions as well as
  • Assist staff in many different departments
  • Markdale Hospital Volunteer   Grey County 
    Brightshores Health System, Volunteer Services and Auxiliaries
    Our volunteers give their time in over 40 different areas. Our wide range of opportunities means we can find a volunteer job to suit most individuals. They assist on:
  • Nursing units
  • Various clinics
  • Operate gift shops
  • Escort patients and visitors and give directions as well as
  • Assist staff in many different departments
  • Medical First Response Volunteer   Bruce County  Grey County 
    St John Ambulance, Hanover Training Centre, Grey Bruce Huron Branch
    Bruce & Grey County
    Make a difference in our community by providing onsite first aid at local community events.
  • Use your first aid skills
  • Develop first aid skills with hands-on training
  • Participate in patient care.
  • Owen Sound Hospital Volunteer   Grey County 
    Brightshores Health System, Volunteer Services and Auxiliaries
    Owen Sound
    Our volunteers give their time in over 40 different areas. Our wide range of opportunities means we can find a volunteer job to suit most individuals. They assist on:
  • Nursing units
  • Various clinics
  • Operate gift shops
  • Escort patients and visitors and give directions as well as
  • Assist staff in many different departments
  • Bereavement Support Volunteer (virtual)   Grey County 
    Grey Bruce Hospice, Chapman House
    Owen Sound
  • Providing peer to peer support for people who are grieving the loss of a loved one
  • This support is offered over the phone, and is arranged by our Spiritual Care Coordinator
  • Mentor   Bruce County  Grey County 
    Bruce Grey Mentorship
    Hanover, Walkerton, Chesley, Neustadt, Durham and Ayton
    To be a positive Mentor and friend for children or youth in a variety of group programs, with the potential to match individually with a child as a personal role model.
  • Support and encourage kids as they grow
  • Listen and provide advice when appropriate.
  • Role model appropriate behaviours and reinforce positive social skills.
  • Emergency Overnight Shelter Volunteer   Simcoe County 
    S.H.I.F.T, Mobile Outreach Program
    • Participate in the operation of the shelter (shifts - evening, night, breakfast)
    • Carry out the many tasks required for the seamless functioning of the shift/program.
    • Interact with guests throughout the duration of the shift (unless it’s quiet/sleep hours).
    Market Assistant   Simcoe County 
    Orillia Farmers Market
  • Assist with set-up and take-down of the weekly farmers' market - which includes signage, sandwich boards, sail banners, tables, chairs, benches, barricades, canopies and musical equipment, electrical cords, garbage and recycle receptacles.
  • Assist vendors as requested in loading and unloading merchandise and supplies
  • Collect litter to ensure the Market grounds are clear of garbage and debris before and after the Market.
  • Assist with the organization of volunteers (some with mental or physical challenges)
  • ensure walkways are shoveled & salted in the winter.
  • Arts and crafts assistant
  • Special Events - COVID Screener, Usher, Ticket Taker   Simcoe County 
    Midland Cultural Centre, King St, Midland Cultural Centre (MCC)
    Special Events we require the following positions: COVID Screeners
  • Conduct a COVID Screening Questionnaire with guests and check for ID and proof of vaccination upon entry into the building
  • Ticket Takers
  • Validate tickets
  • Ushers
  • Guide guests to their seats during special events at the Midland Cultural Centre
  • Volunteer Driver   Simcoe County 
    Community Reach, Transportation
    Simcoe North
    Rides for residents of North Simcoe without access to transportation within North Simcoe for health, shopping and social activities
    • Provide safe, reliable, professional and courteous transportation service to residents of North Simcoe, using your own vehicle
    • Communicate with transportation staff and passengers regarding scheduled rides.
    • Ensure adherence to the Community Reach program procedures and policies including confidentiality agreement.
    Dress For Success Orillia and Barrie - Volunteer   Simcoe County 
    Dress for Success, Barrie

    Board Members 
    Boutique Merchandising 
    Breakfast Club Facilitators 
    Clothing Sorter 
    Committee Members 
    Corporate Volunteers 
    Professional Women's Group Facilitators 
    Stylist to help suit clients,  
    IT Tech 
    Professional Women's Group Mentors 
    Clothing Sorter - Sort Clothes, take inventory, and organize the store. 
    Stylists- Suit clients for their interviews (experience with Dress For Success may be needed, but will be provided). 
    Fundraising Committee- Creating events for fundraising opportunities, or volunteering for an already planned event. 
    IT Tech - Someone to create and maintain a social presence online to promote the organization and it's events. 
    Hair and Make up Stylists- Help show clients what is appropriate for interviews and work when considering make up and hair. 
    Board of Directors- Must be 18+, will sit in on the board meetings and hold an important role within the organization, for more information, contact Linda Reid, Executive Director for Dress For Success Orillia and Barrie.

    Student Nutrition Program   Bruce County  Grey County 
    Ontario Student Nutrition Program Grey Bruce, Mailing Address
    Various Locations
    • Volunteers needed to prepare and serve simple meal to students, some schools bring food trays into classrooms.
    • Volunteers needed to prepare trays for delivery to classes and also for clean up of kitchen area, help with grocery shopping or fundraising for food.
    Meals on Wheels Driver   Bruce County  Grey County 
    Home & Community Support Services Grey-Bruce, Owen Sound - Head Office, Heritage Place Mall, Home and Community Support Services of Grey-Bruce

    • Arrive at the Meal Source at the prearranged time.  
    • Deliver meals in the order they appear on the route sheet/book. 
    • Converse with client to check on client’s well being. 
    • Report any problems or concerns encountered in carrying out duties to Home and Community Support Services of Grey-Bruce.

    Driver - Day Away Program/ Appointments   Bruce County  Grey County 
    Home & Community Support Services Grey-Bruce, Owen Sound - Head Office, Heritage Place Mall, Home and Community Support Services of Grey-Bruce
    Owen Sound
    • Provide rides for seniors for the Day Away program and appointments.
    • Pick up and drop off clients at a scheduled time
    Friendly Visitor   Bruce County  Grey County 
    Home & Community Support Services Grey-Bruce, Owen Sound - Head Office, Heritage Place Mall, Home and Community Support Services of Grey-Bruce
    Owen Sound
    • Provide companionship and friendship to an isolated senior or adult living with a disability by making at-home or over-the-phone visits on a regular basis
    • Assist clients with activities that they are no longer able to do by themselves and which are of interest to the client: reading, writing, playing cards/games
    • Provide a periodic monitoring of the client's well being
    Volunteer Driver   Bruce County  Grey County 
    Home & Community Support Services Grey-Bruce, Owen Sound - Head Office, Heritage Place Mall, Home and Community Support Services of Grey-Bruce
    Bruce & Grey County
    • Providing long and/or short-distance rides for social purposes and non-emergency medical appointments to clients in Grey-Bruce 
    GBCSC Volunteer   Simcoe County 
    Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre
    Penetanguishene ON
    Volunteers assist with general office duties, assist members and program support.
    Ticket Administrator   Simcoe County 
    Easter Seals Ontario, Barrie-Simcoe County Office
    Sadlon Areana. 555 Bayview Dr, Ontario ON L4N 8Y2

    Whether you’re an individual, community group, or group of friends, Easter Seals is seeking energetic and dedicated people to join our team of volunteers! In partnership with the Barrie Colts, Easter Seals will be partaking in the 50/50 ticket draw program for all the Barrie Colts home games in 2023-2024 
    * Volunteers will work 4 hours per shift, arriving 1.5 hours in advance of game time at the Sadlon Arena 
    * You will help sell tickets until end of second period.  
    * Once the selling is finished, all volunteers are able to watch the remainder of the game in a designated area.

    Entertainment   Simcoe County 
    VON Canada, Adult Day Program
    4337 Burnside Line. Unit 12, Orillia, L3V 6J3

    We are looking for 1/2 hour of music entertainment for our seniors. Weekly or monthly.  
    Our community based day program is attended by seniors with dementia.

    Penny Pinching Board   Grey County 
    South East Grey Community Health Centre, Markdale
  • Create a “Penny Pinching” Board for the SEGCHC waiting room for patrons to access
  • Maintain the board ensuring coupons are plentiful via printing out coupons for highly sought after products to help patients decrease their household expenses
  • Discarding expired coupons
  • Liaise with SEGCHC on program concerns/challenges/suggestions, as required
  • Training by Registered Dietitian is provided
  • BPL LIT (Leaders & Innovative Teens)   Simcoe County 
    Barrie Public Library, Barrie - 60 Worsley St, Downtown Branch
    Meetings are held at the Downtown Branch, however members may also choose to join via Zoom.

    BPL LIT  
    The program goal is for members to develop leadership skills by representing the Barrie Public Library at their schools, in library programs, and at community events. Students will: 
    - Develop effective communication skills by representing the Barrie Public Library at teen-related outreach events. 
    - Achieve common goals by assisting in the planning and delivery of teen-related programs and special events. 
    - Earn volunteer hours by participating in empowering opportunities that develop leadership skills. 
    - Attend two hour monthly meetings on a regular basis 
    All members will share the duties of leading the group meetings and recording the meeting notes and action items. Other group members will share the duties of taking attendance, reviewing the previous meeting notes and following up on the action items. 
    Volunteer hours will be provided to each BPL LIT member for every meeting or activity attended.

    Assistant Coordinator   Simcoe County 
    Canadian Mental Health Association. Simcoe County Branch, Barrie - 128 Anne St S, Urban Pantry Program - Barrie Good Food Box

    We are looking for an Admin Coordinator to: 
    Assist with downloading online orders from website and compiling order list on the first Thursday of the month 
    Assist with emailing box contents list to participants  
    Assist with emailing reminders to participants before pick-up day 
    Report to the Barrie Good Food Box Coordinator and work with the Pack Day Leader to ensure a smooth pack day each month 

    Pack Day Leader   Simcoe County 
    Canadian Mental Health Association. Simcoe County Branch, Barrie - 128 Anne St S, Urban Pantry Program - Barrie Good Food Box
    Work from home, drive to order sites and pickup sites

    The Pack Day Leader assists the Barrie Good Food Box Coordinator at the Barrie Free Methodist Church on the second Wednesday of every month. 
    Arrive at the church at 9 am on the second Wednesday of every month 
    Assit with greeting volunteers and directing them to set up the pack stations 
    Assit with overseeing the unloading of the truck when it arrives 
    Assit with overseeing the packing of the food
    Help maintain enthusiasm among volunteers

    Youth Justice Committee Volunteer   Simcoe County 
    Elizabeth Fry Society Simcoe Muskoka, Volunteer Program
    Simcoe County, including Collingwood, Midland, Penetanguishene and Orillia

    Youth Justice Committee's (YJC) bring together youth 12-17 who have been involved in the criminal justice system, their parent(s), and trained members of the community. In this role: 
    * you would attend YJC meetings to determine appropriate and meaningful ways for the youth to make amends for their actions.  
    * ensure that the youth is aware of the purpose of the meeting, and discuss police report information. 
    * explore perspectives of all parties, including the youth and others represented at t he meeting, such as community members, community agency representatives, and the parent(s). 
    * present and agree upon appropriate sanctions for the youth. 
    * provide information and referrals to supportive community agency programs. 
    * respect the confidentiality of the youth and other YJC members.

    Pick up/Packing Assistant   Simcoe County 
    Canadian Mental Health Association. Simcoe County Branch, Barrie - 128 Anne St S, Urban Pantry Program - Barrie Good Food Box
    Main location Barrie Free Methodist Church , 284 Cundles Road

    We are looking for volunteers to assist with "pack day" on the second Wednesday of the month between 9 am-6 pm at the Barrie Free Methodist Church (284 Cundles Rd E). 
    Volunteers unload the food from the truck, pack the boxes, greet people and give boxes to participants when they arrive to pick up, and general cleanup duties. 
    We are also looking for volunteer drivers to deliver food to schools and "pay-it-forward" recipients.

    Habitat ReStore Volunteer   Simcoe County 
    Habitat for Humanity Huronia, Barrie, ReStore, Barrie

    Volunteers would be responsible for stocking shelves, cleaning the store, re-organizing items, aseembling product, and assisting customers. Volunteers who are interested should visit the website to register to volunteer. 
    Volunteers must wear certified safety shoes, be capable of lifting up to 25lbs, able to stand for extended periods of time and be comfortable with 2-3 step instruction.

    Bench Warmer- Active Listener   Simcoe County 
    CFS Counselling + Wellbeing, Barrie - Anne St S, MatureMinds
    Barrie, Orillia, Bradford

    Bench Warmers are friendly people who allow others to engage in conversation in either parks or malls. Studies show that loneliness has the same dire consequences on physical health as smoking a pack a day! Social connection is so needed (and often lost in the shuffle of busyness and technology) and MatureMinds Friendship Bench offers an opportunity for interaction and social engagement. The implementation is simple but the results are deep and  meaningful. Volunteers will receive training in active listening, self care, mental health awareness, and ageism. After successfully completing the training, volunteers become Bench Warmers. They sit on a bench either at a park or in a mall with a sign that says "If you want to talk, I want to listen." Be part of the cure for the loneliness epidemic! Become a Bench Warmer.

    Board of Directors   Grey County  Simcoe County 
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grey Bruce

    Board of Directors Description - Director 



    Board members are responsible for determining and implementing governance policies and procedures to achieve the mission and mandate of Big Brothers Big Sisters.   


    Role and Responsibilities 

    • Understand and demonstrate a commitment to the organization’s mission and programs; 

    • Be informed about agency policies and programs in order to support adherence to the National Standards as set out by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada; 

    • Possess knowledge and skills in one or more areas of Board governance: policy, finance, programs, personnel, and advocacy; 

    • Contribute skills and knowledge by participating actively in meetings and committee work; 

    • Understand and maintain confidentiality; 

    • Avoid any potential conflicts of interest; 

    • Ensure the organization is complying with all legal and regulatory requirements; 

    • Assist in fostering positive relationships among the Board, staff and community to support fulfillment of organizational mandate. 

    • Serve as an ambassador for the organization;  


    General Duties 

    • Prepare for meetings by reading agendas, minutes, reports and other documentation required to actively participate in them; 

    • Attend meetings regularly; 

    • Be an active participant on at least one board committee; 

    • Keep up to date with issues and trends that affect the organization; 

    • Participate in the review of the Board’s structure, approve changes, and assist in bylaw amendments; 

    • Participate in the recruitment of new board members and staff; 

    • Support and participate in the evaluation of the board; 

    • Get to know other committee members and builds a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus; 

    • Assist in the recruitment of new volunteers for all positions in the agency; 

    • Participate in fundraising for the organization and any events related thereto; 

    • Participate in orientation, educational and strategic planning sessions;  

    • Understand and monitor the organization’s financial affairs including review and approval of annual budgets; 

    Butt Blitz Volunteer   Bruce County  Grey County  Muskoka District  Northumberland County  Parry Sound District  Peterborough County  Simcoe County 
    A Greener Future

    In 2015, we ran our first ever Butt Blitz — an action-oriented campaign focused on raising public awareness about cigarette litter, while simultaneously removing as much of it from the environment as possible.   

    Cigarette butts account for 1 in 5 pieces of litter found at our cleanups. These small plastic filters are one of the most common forms of litter globally and when not disposed of properly, they cause negative impacts on local ecosystems, wildlife, and human health.  

    We’re calling on volunteers from across Canada to pick up cigarette butts in their local communities, then send them to TerraCycle Canada for recycling. The social impact of this event is just as important as the environmental impact, as it helps prevent cigarette butt litter from ending up on the ground in the future!   

    We are looking for Butt Blitz Volunteers in communities across Canada to join us in picking up butts locally throughout the month of April. Join a local team, or take part wherever you are!  

    The Butt Blitz will run from April 1st to 30th, 2023. Our goal is to collect and remove 1 million cigarette butts over the course of a month!   

    As a Butt Blitz Volunteer, you are dedicating your time throughout April to help reduce the amount of cigarette litter in your local community and create a safer, healthier environment.   

    All you need to participate is a pair of gloves, an up-cycled container (e.g., old yogurt tub) to collect your butts in, and an interest to improve your local environment!   

    Volunteer Responsibilities: - Review and understand the Butt Blitz Volunteer Information Package - Sign a virtual Liability Waiver - Participate in cigarette litter cleanups to contribute to the overall goal of removing 1 million cigarette butts - Drop off your cigarette butt collection to a local team coordinator (or mail in your own collection if participating independently) - Attend virtual team meetings via Zoom (optional; 3 in total, max 30 minutes in length) - Attend a team Butt Blitz cleanup locally (optional)   If this opportunity interests you, please fill out the form below!   

    All participants must be 19+ (18+ in Alberta or Quebec)  

    Apply Here.

    Childhood Cancer Youth Volunteer   Simcoe County 
    Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer

    For high school students who want to get involved helping raise childhood cancer awareness and/or funds in their schools and communities. 

    If you are a high school student looking to give back to your community and get volunteer hours, we need you for our OPACC Golden Hearts Youth Council! ​ 


    • ​ Get community service volunteer hours from OPACC and OPACC partner organizations 
    • Be notified of new volunteer opportunities in your community 
    • OPACC can promote your fundraiser, project, campaign through our network 
    • Looks great on your resume for work or school/scholarships 
    • References for work/school 
    • Give back to the childhood cancer community and help other kids in a meaningful way 
    • Special thank-you perks for our youth volunteers
    • Option to become an OPACC Board Member at age 18 to continue your involvement more formally 

    Examples of how you can help

    • At community events 
    • With OPACC programs (i.e. Comfy Cases, Million Dollar Smiles, Courage Capes sewing events, Parent Liaisons in hospitals, etc.)
    • Running a childhood cancer awareness campaign at your school and/or in your community, especially in September (Childhood Cancer Awareness Month). Some ideas include: organizing a Flag Raising or Proclamation at City Hall; doing a yellow shirt day at school; or doing morning announcements in September about childhood cancer facts 
    • Doing fundraisers like organizing a Kaps4Kids event at school; selling foods or crafts at school with funds going to OPACC; putting together a fun walk; or doing a third-party fundraiser to benefit OPACC 
    • Creating cards (i.e. Valentines or Christmas cards) or organizing a gift drive to distribute to kids in hospitals 
    • Do chalk drawings with inspiring and/or awareness messages outside of a children's hospital or other local community centre 
    • Doing a social media campaign to raise awareness about OPACC and childhood cancer like making a TikTok video, Instagram post, etc. (subject to approval) ​ 

    Opportunities are available throughout Ontario. There are many ways to help out independently, with friends, teammates, and with classmates through a school club or initiative! ​ Time is flexible depending on what you want to do (self-directed projects), we also try to do monthly virtual drop-in meetings on Zoom to answer questions, brainstorm ideas, and support each other.

    Day Away Volunteer   Bruce County  Grey County 
    Home & Community Support Services Grey-Bruce, Owen Sound - Head Office, Heritage Place Mall, Home and Community Support Services of Grey-Bruce
    • Provide support to the Day Away staff by socializing with clients, participating in planned activities, and carrying out different recreational activities (ie. a game of cards, arts and crafts, and more!)
    • Help with coats and boots during the beginning and end of the day
    GrandPal- Intergenerational Story Teller   Simcoe County 
    CFS Counselling + Wellbeing, Barrie - Anne St S, MatureMinds

    GrandPals are older adults (not necessarily Grandparents) who love children and want to make a difference for generations to come. GrandPals are trained in the stories they have to share over 5 weeks. After training, we connect GrandPals with a classroom where they meet with the same 2-4 students over a period of 8 weeks. The stories that GrandPals share about their own lives become part of the students' curriculum. Students capture the stories presented in written assignments as well as art projects.

    GrandPal- Intergenerational Team member   Simcoe County 
    CFS Counselling + Wellbeing, Barrie - Anne St S, MatureMinds

    Be part of a unique intergenerational initiative that connects generations through the power of storytelling. Volunteers will get 5 weeks of training and then will spend 8 weeks in an elementary school classroom sharing stories and building relationships. Volunteers must love children! For more information, a Brunch & Learn will be held on September 26 in Barrie- registration required.

    Litter Removal Technicians   Simcoe County 
    Clean Up Barrie!

    We are seeking volunteers to assist with cleaning up our City and removing litter in specific areas across Barrie.

    Port Hope Fair Volunteer   Northumberland County 
    Port Hope and District Agricultural Society
    Port Hope Town Park, 62 McCaul Street, Port Hope L1A 1A2

    Here are some of the many opportunites for you at the Port Hope Fair and we're ready to match you with your interests. 

    • Set up/tear down crew - carry and set up display tables, attach skirting, put up temporary barriers, place ticket booths at entrances, place cement barriers on track
    • Gates/admission booth - sell tickets, apply wristbands
    • Beer tent - sell tickets or serve drinks, stock coolers.  Smart serve required to serve only
    • Parking attendants - direct cars to available parking
    • Assist with childrens events - pedal tractor pull, childrens pet show
    • Committee members  for Event/Entertainment, Promotion, Sponsorship, Recruitment, Site Planning
    • Section Heads  and helpers for display area (baking, canning, crafts, photography etc
    • Associate Directors




    Program Delivery Assistant   Simcoe County 
    Alzheimer Society of Simcoe County, Barrie
    • Help with the set up and clean up of the projects each week.
    • Assist Art Therapist to ensure activity participation and socialization of each participant
    • Under direction of the Art Therapist/Family Support Coordinator, provide one-to-one support to the participants during the creative art process.
    • Assist with any other tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the program.
    • At the end of the Program (June) complete an evaluation form about the volunteer role in the Quest Art School + Gallery Program.
    ReUse Centre Assistant   Simcoe County 
    E3 Community Services

    Support the preparation and display of donated goods for sale while assisting customers and creating a positive experience in our store.  This customer service role enhances the fundraising efforts of the ReUse Centre in support of services to Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and children throughout South Georgian Bay.  This Volunteer role will require some light lifting, bending, interaction with public and may (if suitable) include working cooperatively among other Volunteers with differing abilities.  

    Scrabble Club Social Connector   Simcoe County 
    CFS Counselling + Wellbeing, Barrie - Anne St S, MatureMinds
    20 Anne Street South, Barrie (CFS Counselling + Wellbeing office)

    Are you a wordsmith who loves people? We are looking for older adult volunteers to help newcomers to Canada feel welcome. Help newcomers get socially connected and practice English by playing scrabble! An extensive vocabulary is not necessary (there are dictionaries for that :)) so if you are friendly and want to make a meaningful contribution by helping newcomers, this could be the club for you! Scrabble Club will last four weeks, allowing volutneers to build relationships with newcomers. 

    Speakers Bureau   Simcoe County 
    Alzheimer Society of Simcoe County, Barrie
    Simcoe County

    To fulfill speaking engagements in the community on behalf of the Alzheimer Society with the purpose of educating listeners about Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, as well as the challenges and needs of caregivers and developments in research into Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. 
    Volunteers will be asked to speak to groups varying in size, from 5 to 250. Volunteers will be assigned to groups sizes in their comfort level.

    Unit Guider/Leader   Simcoe County 
    Girl Guides of Canada
    Various locations throughout South Simcoe.

    Mentor girls as they explore new challenges, develop ready-for-anything skills, and take on new challenges, in a safe and supportive atmosphere during weekly meetings and optional outings and camps.  A Police Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening is required and provided free of charge.  Two references and an interview are part of the screening process. 

    Volunteer   Simcoe County 
    Glowing Hearts Charity, No Physical Address

    Join our incredible team of volunteers and help Glowing Hearts Charity disrupt the cycle of poverty by empowering children and youth to realize their full potential. Please fill out the form on the volunteer page on our website.

    Volunteer Board of Directors   Simcoe County 
    Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions
    Virtual and in-person meetings

    Board members are concerned community members who are: 
    Supportive of the Agency’s Vision, Purpose and Values 
    Team oriented with good decision-making skills 
    Able to attend and participate in 10 Board meetings each year as well as committee meetings  
    Age 18 or over and live or work in Simcoe County or the District of Muskoka 
    While we encourage all interested persons to apply, as a skills-based board, we are highly interested in community members who have lived or professional experience in the following areas: 
    • French Language Service  
    • Indigenous Heritage 
    • Law/Legislation/Regulation  
    • Research/Academic 
    • Quality Assurance 
    • Children’s Mental Health 
    • Education 
    • Communications /PR / Marketing 
    • Police/Corrections/Youth Justice 
    Varied skills, experience, capacity and attitude to fulfill expectations of this important role will be considered by the Nominating Committee. 
    **Confirmation of all prospective Directors shall be conditional on receipt and review of a vulnerable sector / criminal record check, child welfare record check and COVID-19 vaccination. 
    Board members gain an understanding of the issues facing child welfare, children’s mental health and the process of governance. They also help to raise the visibility of the Agency by communicating our purpose and serving as ambassadors within the community.

    Volunteer Committee Member   Grey County 
    Old Durham Road Black Pioneer Cemetery
    Most meetings are virtual. Site activities are in rural Grey Highlands.

    Three Committee meetings per year including Annual General Meeting. On-site activities may include spring grounds cleanup, fall decoration service and possible tours for interested parties.

    Volunteer Driver/Volunteer for Social Outings   Parry Sound District 
    Canadian Mental Health Association, Muskoka-Parry Sound, General Services - Parry Sound, Parry Sound Office

    We are looking for Volunteer Drivers to help transport our clients to and from appointments ie. medical appointmens, banking appointments, transportation to the grocery store ect.. We are also looking for Volunteers to provide social outings with our clients. This may include going for a walk, going to the beach where there is a Life Guard on duty, going for coffee ect.

    Mileage and Expenses will be reimbursed. 

    Volunteer Group Leader (Unit Guider)   Bruce County  Grey County  Simcoe County 
    Girl Guides of Canada

    We empower young girls and women to be everything they want to be, and as a volunteer, you will help make that happen! Our volunteers support girls as they build confidence, develop new skills, and become leaders in their communities. 
    As part of a unit’s leadership team, you’ll facilitate fun and engaging program activities, like scavenger hunts, arts and crafts, outdoor exploration, games, and more. You can choose to work with girls in one of five branches: Sparks (age 5-6), Embers (age 7-8), Guides (age 9-11), Pathfinders (age 12-14), or Rangers (age 15-17).  
    Volunteers will receive access to a digital program platform stocked with age-appropriate activities and meeting tools, as well as training on delivering activities in ways that will empower and encourage girls. 
    Units meet on a regular basis, from weekly to monthly, depending on the age of the girls. Volunteers commit to 3 hours per week for unit meetings plus additional hours, when required, for trips and events.  

    What You’ll Do as A Group Leader: 
    - Create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for girls! 
    - Plan regular unit meetings in person, outdoors, and online, during which you’ll facilitate girl-driven programming that is fun and engaging. 
    - Organize in-person or virtual opportunities beyond unit meetings, including community service activities and camps.  
    - Support shared leadership and decision-making with girls and other volunteers.  
    - Promote Girl Guides to girls and women locally.  
    - Provide ongoing communication to girls and parents/guardians about unit activities.  
    - Assist with unit administration tasks, such as maintaining girls’ program records and health forms, managing safety protocols, and ordering badges.  
    - Assist with maintaining unit finances as required by your province.  
    - Support the semi-annual sales of Girl Guide Cookies.  

    What You’ll Bring: 
    - A welcoming, imaginative, and enthusiastic attitude. 
    - Openness, flexibility, and a willingness to try new things. 
    - An appreciation of diversity and inclusivity. 
    - An embrace of the girl-driven approach to Girl Guides. 
    - Understanding, encouraging, and respecting girls’ ideas and thoughts. 
    - Resourcefulness, dependability, and creativity. 
    - A willingness to show your unique talents and skills. 
    What You Need: 
    - All volunteers must have reached the age of majority in their province or territory. 
    - Pass a Police Record Check facilitated by Girl Guides of Canada. 
    - Complete organizational training components on safety, the role, and administrative duties, as part of the volunteer onboarding process.  
    To apply please visit