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Georgian Triangle Humane Society, Collingwood - 10th Line
The GTHS Animal Hospital contains an Operating Room, Treatment Room, Examination Room, Pharmacy and X-Ray Room and a Hospital Intake/Recovery Area, and provides spay/neuter surgeries for over 1500 homeless pets annually. Having an onsite hospital ensures animals receive timely, thorough and comprehensive care, saves dozens of daily phone calls, reduces trips back and forth to veterinary clinics, dramatically decreases the stress on GTHS animals, and leads to the additional benefit of earlier adoption availability; so these animals find their forever home quickly. The GTHS Animal Hospital also assists local pet owners in need by providing essential vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries for their pets. 
Reporting to the Director of Medicine and Hospital Registered Veterinary Technician, the Hospital Assistant Volunteer will be responsible for: 
  • Maintaining the Operating Room and Prep Area 
  • Overseeing the Maintenance and Packing of Surgical Instrument
  • Georgian Triangle Humane Society, Collingwood - 10th Line
    The TNR & Transport Volunteer supports our Outreach Programs by assisting with the Trap, Neuter and Return of local feral cats. TNR activities help reduce the number of unwanted feline pregnancies and over-population in our community. 
    This volunteer will: 
  • Work with local cat colony volunteers or the public to trap cats, bring them to our Animal Centre to be spayed or neutered and then return the cat to their ‘home’ environment 
  • Coordinate with the Outreach Coordinator relating to the collection or drop-off of animals or supplies 
  • Assist with the collection and drop-off of animal supplies, to feed animals in our care and local cat colonies 
  • This volunteer will use a GTHS vehicle or their own vehicle for transportation 
  • Volunteers generally assist with collections within the area they are living, but may occasionally be called upon to drive up to one hour away
  • Procyon Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre, Procyon Wildlife
    This is a wonderful hands-on opportunity to learn about our native wild animals. Procyon Wildlife counts on volunteer animal caregivers to carry out the essential duties that allow orphaned and injured animals to return to the wild. If you are able to commit 5 hours once a week, you will find this very rewarding! 
      The duties of this ongoing volunteer position involve: 
    • Preparing food for, and feeding animals of all ages, cleaning cages 
    • Observing animal behaviour and condition, and record keeping 
    • Housekeeping such as laundry, washing dishes, cleaning counters, floors, and equipment, and light yard work
    Georgian Triangle Humane Society, Collingwood - 10th Line
    Collingwood and area
    Canine Foster Volunteers provide a safe, loving and temporary home for puppies (4-6 puppies at a time), senior dogs and adult dogs with specific needs. You must have the ability to separate the foster animals from any pets in your home by keeping them in a separate room, if necessary. We will provide training and all the supplies you need.  
    Canine Foster Volunteers are responsible for helping the puppies, seniors and / or adult dogs in their care thrive until they are ready to be adopted (or to be returned to their owner in cases of Emergency Boarding). This will include feeding the animals at least twice a day, possibly more, potty training (for puppies), and exercising and socializing the animals. It may also include bottle feeding and administering oral medications.  
    NOTE: At time of posting we are currently ONLY able to consider candidates who are willing to assist with two or more of the following foster scenarios:  
    • 4-6 puppies under 4 weeks of age, requiring bottle feeding  
    • 4-6 puppies over 4 weeks of age  
    • Dogs with medical or special needs (eg. provide medication, ensure ‘bedrest’ post-surgery) 
    • Pregnant or nursing moms  
    • Dogs in need of socialization or with behavioural concerns  
    • Dogs belonging to pet owners in need of emergency boarding in times of crisis
    Georgian Triangle Humane Society, Collingwood - 10th Line
    Dog Care Volunteers work with puppies and dogs of all sizes, shapes and backgrounds (stray, surrendered, neglected, abused, healthy, recovering from surgery, may be easy to handle or may require training for behavioural issues. 
    GTHS Dog Care Team Members help to maintain the health and welfare of GTHS dogs by cleaning kennels, providing food, exercise, training, companionship and assist with our canine enrichment program. Dog Care Team Members interact with the majority of dogs at our Animal Centre, so complete a Dog Care Program in order to handle Green dogs (ie. puppies and seniors who are easy to walk and handle) and Yellow dogs (ie. young, rambunctious, pullers who can be slightly difficult to walk and handle), with the ultimate goal of working with Red dogs (ie. strong pullers with some behavioural issues who are difficult to walk and handle). 
    Scheduled training is required upon joining the Dog Care Team and will be required intermittently to progress through the Dog Care Program.
    Hope Haven Therapeutic Riding Centre
    Markdale, ON
    Horse Handlers  
    Assist a student with grooming and tacking their horse prior to the lesson. Lead the horse at a walk and trot while the rider is mounted  
    Side Walkers  
    Side Walkers are in charge of the rider and making sure that the rider is safe and secure during their lesson. 
    Recreation Aide  
    Assist our Recreational Therapist with various program activities such as arts/crafts, outdoor programs and games, etc. 
    General Maintenance 
    Gardening, odd jobs, building maintenance
    Georgian Triangle Humane Society, Collingwood - 10th Line
    Feline Foster Volunteers provide a safe, loving and temporary home for pregnant or nursing cats and kittens (litter sizes can range from 5-9 kittens). Other foster scenarios include caring for cats who are recovering from an injury or illness, and providing emergency boarding to assist when someone is temporarily unable to care for their cat due to a crisis (eg. in hospital or homeless). You must be able to separate the foster animals from any pets in your home by keeping them in a separate room. We will provide training and all the supplies you need. 
    Feline Foster Volunteers are responsible for helping the cat/kittens in their care thrive until they are ready to be adopted (or returned to their owner in the case of emergency boarding). This will include feeding the animals at least twice a day, possibly more, cleaning litter boxes and socializing the animals. It may also include bottle feeding and administering oral medications. 
    Fostering can be undertaken by children under adult supervision, however, the adult must register as the official Feline Foster Volunteer. 
    NOTE: As at time of posting we are currently ONLY looking for new Foster Volunteers who are willing to care for nursing females and/or pregnant females with their litters once they’re born, and/or with bottle-fed orphaned kitten litters.  
    Please complete a Foster Application Form on our website under the section entitled 'How to become a GTHS Volunteer'
    Georgian Triangle Humane Society, Collingwood - 10th Line
    The Cat Care Team works to increase the welfare and health of GTHS feline residents 
    • Team works as a group and/or individually to care for our cats and maintains high cleanliness standards in our Adoption Rooms, as well as our Quarantine and Isolation Rooms 
    • role is integral to maintaining a bright, clean and healthy environment for our cats, kittens, volunteers, visitors and potential adopters 
    • Playing with and cuddling the cats is required! 
    • Cat Care Team Members are usually assigned a specific room (an Adoptions Room or a Quarantine / Isolation Room) to provide nutrition, as well as mental and physical stimulation or interaction, to the feline residents in their room 
    • responsible for sweeping and mopping the floor, maintaining clean and organized litter, feeding stations, kitten or cat kennels and communal areas 
    • other duties such as dishes and laundry are also included. 
      This Cat Care Team Member will provide all-round Cat Care support, based on day-to-day needs. They will be assigned to Quarantine / Isolation Room 4 (which is used sporadically for cats who are sick and aren’t quite ready for adoption), but may be directed to assist in Room 3 if no cats are in Room 4. When no assistance is required in either Quarantine / Isolation Room, this Team Member will support volunteers in the Adoption Rooms.
    Food Fairy   Simcoe County 
    Georgian Triangle Humane Society, Collingwood - 10th Line
    Collingwood, ON
    The GTHS Food Fairy ensures that all kittens and cats in the building are fed. Other duties include: 
    • topping up water 
    • washing food dishes 
    • tidying 
    • record keeping as necessary and following the feeding chart accurately.
    Of course, our cats will also appreciate cuddles and play time!
    Georgian Triangle Humane Society, Collingwood - 10th Line
    Two Shelter Aides are scheduled each afternoon to ensure that the Animal Centre is stocked, clean and ready for the next day. The Shelter Aide role is also integral to increasing the welfare and the health of our adoptable cats. 
    • reports to the Cat Care Coordinator and liaises with their counter-part to share the afternoon routine and duties 
    • ensure that Animal Kitchen is clean, organized and regularly stocked with food, litter and supplies 
    • replenishes items for the Intake and Quarantine / Isolation Rooms to provide cats and kittens with the supplies needed 
    • other duties include dishes, laundry and ensuring Adoption Rooms, Medical Intake Room and communal areas are clean, tidy and well maintained 
    • spends time with our feline residents to provides mental and physical stimulation 
    • enrichment activities allow cats to continue to express normal feline behaviour despite being in a ‘shelter’ environment
    Georgian Triangle Humane Society, Collingwood - 10th Line
    Collingwood, ON
    COVID-19 Update 
    Regular Volunteer Opportunity 
    The Virtual Cat Adoption Counselor assists the public with adoption by matching pet and person 
    - includes, but is not limited to, answering any and all questions about cat ownership, the cat or kitten they might be interested in 
    - adopting and the GTHS adoption process 
    - facilitating the actual adoption, as well as providing other information to set the adopter and their new pet up for success once they are home.  
    - role is integral to matching the right cat (personality type, energy level, special home requirements, etc.) with the right adopter
    Georgian Riding Association for Challenged Equestrians (GRACE)
    Owen Sound
    Volunteer Opportunites:  
    Leader responsible for:  
    *grooming and tack up of the horse  
    *leading of the horse for warm-up  
    *control of the horse during class  
    *un-tack horse and cleanup of equipment  
    Sidewalker responsible for:  
    *support the rider as necessary to balance  
    *assist rider to complete skills as needed  
    *assist leader with tack and cleanup
    ElderDog Canada, Collingwood Pawd
  • Walking dogs as required 
  • Deliver dog food 
  • Driving owners and dog to the Vet or Groomers
  • Georgian Triangle Humane Society, Collingwood - 10th Line
    COVID-19 Update 
    Regular Volunteer Opportunity 
    The Humane Education Volunteer 
    -Teacher is responsible for delivery of the classes required for the Junior / Senior Animal Welfare Certification Program in our local schools. 
    - Content for assigned classes / workshops and all the resources required will be provided, in addition to training by the Humane Education Coordinator to be an effective Humane Education Volunteer – Teacher. 
    - Volunteers will also assist in the planning, coordination and execution of new initiatives within the Humane Education Program
    Georgian Triangle Humane Society, Collingwood - 10th Line
    COVID-19 Update 
    Regular Volunteer Opportunity 
    Humane Education Volunteers 
    - Extracurricular Programs are responsible for supervising youth enrolled in GTHS after-school and / or summer programs (such as our Pet Sitters Course, the Junior Volunteer Program and Big Brothers Big Sisters visits). 
    - Duties include assisting with running programs at the direction of the Humane Education Coordinator or Humane Education Assistant, working with children to direct their activities, ensuring the animals are being handled compassionately, answering questions that arise and helping to create a fun, encouraging learning environment. 
    - Content for assigned classes / workshops and all the resources required will be provided, in addition to training to be an effective Humane Education Volunteer
    SE Health, North Simcoe Muskoka Office, Home Health Care Services
    Volunteers and their dog will visit clients offering comfort, hope and happiness.
    Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
    Love chatting with people, sharing stories and educating all ages about wildlife and cohabitating with them? Consider becoming a tour guide (don’t worry if you don’t know much about wildlife, we provide you with training). The public can book guided group tours with us any time of the year. It’s wonderful to see their reactions upon seeing a Moose or bear for the first time! Guided tours are a great way for us to educate the public and create awareness of what we do and it’s also a good way to raise funds for our registered charity.
    Camphill Communities Ontario, Angus, Camphill Nottawasaga
    Camphill Nottawasaga near Angus and Camphill Sophia Creek in Barrie
    Two sites: Camphill Nottawasaga, near Angus and Camphill Sophia Creek in Barrie.

    Camphill Sophia Creek (Barrie)
    • work in the mosaic studio
    • help with meal preparation in the Cafe
    • assist with recreational activities, music sessions and cultural outings, Bingo events and other special events such as Fall Fairs
    Camphill Nottawasaga (Angus)
    • help with programs in woodworking, pottery, candlemaking, and bakery/meal preparation
    • can be involved in maple syrup production, working in the vegetable gardens and caring for livestock (Highland cows and horses)
    Both locations need volunteers to help with set-up, cash management and take-down at our Farmers Markets

    Animal Caregiver   Bruce County  Grey County 
    Grey Bruce Animal Shelter
    457437 Concession 8 S Owen Sound, ON N4K 5N8
    We are always looking for volunteers to help out around the kennels. We are open every morning 7 days a week from 8AM - noon. We have a shift of volunteers in every morning to look after the cats and dogs: cleaning, feeding, grooming, walking, laundry, vet runs, administering medications and of course putting dogs out in outdoor runs and walking them. We walk the dogs every day, unless the weather is really, really bad (i.e. too cold or just plain dangerous). We also have evening dog walkers who are paired up for safety reasons (don't want people out at the shelter alone) and they walk dogs or put them out for a stretch in outdoor pens, administer any necessary evening medications and/or extra feeds to cats or dogs and clean up any kennels that have messes.  
    We do ask volunteers to try and commit to a period of time on a regular basis (e.g. a particular morning/evening every week or every other week) as it makes it easier for scheduling and also keeps the volunteer familiar to the animals they are caring for. With the dogs, this makes a big difference. We have some dogs that are with us for a while before finding a forever home so we try to have them handled by people they know as much as possible.
    Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Midland and District, Domestic Shelter and Adoption Centre
    Midland (Lead Agency) but recruiting from Simcoe County and Muskoka District
    The Midland Animal Shelter and Adoption Centre is the lead agency for the OSPCA's Support the North Program in the Simcoe County and Muskoka area. Volunteers are needed from anywhere in Simcoe County and Muskoka District to volunteer at the Midland Shelter for the program. Duties include: 
    Arrivals Team Member 
    •Assist DVM/ RVT's or Team Lead with various tasks involved with animal intake 
    •Provide food, water and enrichment for the animals as needed 
    •Walk dogs as required  
    •Follow Ontario SPCA animal protocols at all times 
    •Clean and disinfect as required by protocols  
    •Perform animal handling as required  
    •Transfer animal information to the Shelter Staff as required 
    •Assist with unloading supplies/animals as required
    COPE Service Dogs
    Purpose of the Position: Join the team to change the lives of people with disabilities and youth who are experiencing challenges by providing a loving home and obedience training to a Service Dog-in-training during its puppyhood. 
    Responsibilities and Duties: 
    - Raise a confident and responsive puppy. 
    - Care for the dog’s needs according to guidelines from COPE. 
    - Provide consistent structure, rules and boundaries to the dog according to training from COPE. 
    - Provide obedience training and socialization to the dog. 
    - Transport the dog to and from its training programs: Canines in the Classroom (Innisfil) or Refinement Training (Barrie). Multiple pick up/drop off locations in Barrie and Innisfil by COPE van is available. 
    - Support from Puppy Sitter Volunteer network is available for vacations or emergencies. 
    - Dog food, routine veterinary care, one dog crate, walking harness and leash are provided by COPE. 
    The application process takes time and training space is limited, please submit your application now to allow enough time to set up a home interview and ensure a training spot is reserved for you upon the approval of your application. 
    COVID Protocol: 
    Interviews are done by phone and via web conferencing software. Training are done virtually with in-person portion with dogs in open air locations, no physical contact and keeping proper physical distance when provincial guidelines allow us to do so.
    Pegasus Riding Association Nurturing Challenged Equestrians (PRANCE)
    Port Elgin
    Horse leaders, horse sidewalkers. Leading horses for challenged equestrians. Sidewalking with those clients who may need some extra support. Volunteers also required during summer camps and March break for tasks mentioned and other activities such as crafts.
    Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Orillia
    467 West St N
    Please visit the website to find out how you can help and fill out the application to apply
    Comfie Cat Shelter
    *Answering phones *Taking messages *answering front door for visitors *seating visitors *some filing and organizing desk material as required.
    Street Cats Rescue
    Cleaning Cages, Feeding, and socializing with the cats
    Comfie Cat Shelter
    We are always looking for volunteers in Orillia (112 Norweld location) to help with cleaning, fostering cats, fundraising and board members.  
    Receptionist needed at the Norweld location Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  
    Furry Friends Animal Shelter, Barrie
    PetSmart Adoption Centre, 33 Mapleview Drive East, Barrie
    Furry Friends Animal Shelter is a non-profit, no-kill organization dedicated to providing shelter and love to abandoned, lost or rescued cats and kittens in the Barrie Community. We provide care to almost 1,000 animals and do not euthanize healthy animals for any reason. We are a registered charity funded by generous donors and supporters and operated completely by volunteers. 
    We are looking for dependable adult animal-lovers (over 18 years of age...younger volunteers must be with a fellow volunteer who is 18+ for the entire shift) to help us match cats and kittens with people who can give them a permanent, loving home. Two weeks per month we adopt cats and kittens out of the PetSmart Adoption Centre (33 Mapleview Drive East, Barrie). 
    There are three main tasks:  
    1. Keep the kitties clean and comfortable - top up food and water, clean cages (litter boxes too!) and pet and play with them! 
    2. Interact with the public and potential adopters in a retail environment, giving great customer service.  
    3. Assess suitable adopters, complete adoption paperwork and process payments. 
    For more info and to apply complete and submit the Online Volunteer Application Form and a Furry Friends volunteer will follow-up with you.
    Therapeutic Paws of Canada, Orillia - Mailing Address
    Simcoe County
    Volunteers are required to successfully complete an assessment, proving that they have the instincts and personality required of a good therapy visitor. Volunteers must provide three references
    Fleming College, Lindsay - Frost Campus, Frost Campus
    Attending meetings to review Animal Care and use protocol at least three times annually as part of the Animal Care Committee
    Friends of the Nancy Island Historic Site and Wasaga Beach Park
    Wasaga Beach Provincial Park
    Wasaga Beach Provincial Park (WBPP) and Friends of Nancy Island are pleased to announce the return of the Piping Plover; an endangered shorebird who has returned to the shores of WBPP after an extended hiatus. Gearing up for a busy season, we are currently seeking eager volunteers who will join our Piping Plover Guardian Family for the bird’s critical breeding season (June & July).  
    Responsibilities include: 
    • Monitoring the birds while they are nesting and recording important behaviours 
    • Monitoring newly hatch Piping Plover chicks and recording important behaviours 
    • Sharing updates with the public  
    • Showing the public the Piping Plovers through spotting scopes 
    • Providing feedback and updates to the Piping Plover Coordinator 
    You don’t have to be an avid birder to volunteer as training is provided! Training is tentatively scheduled for the end of May.  
    Please contact Piping Plover Coordinator Patricia Davidson for more information at or please call park office at 705-429-2516.
    St. John Ambulance, Cobourg, Northumberland Training Centre
    Northumberland County
    Visit regularly with your dog (visits about 1 hour in length) at an assigned seniors' residence, nursing home, or other facility in Northumberland County from Port Hope to Brighton to Campbellford area; meet and greet the public at community events ranging from fairs and festivals to parades and fundraisers
    Georgian Bay Land Trust
    Various mainland and island properties around eastern Georgian Bay and the North Channel.
    Visit one of the Georgian Bay Land Trust's protected properties at least once a year, upload a simple reporting form on the property's condition, and conduct any minor stewardship activities necessary (ex. picking up litter, greeting visitors).
    St John Ambulance, Barrie Simcoe Muskoka
    Various locations throughout Simcoe County and Muskoka
    Volunteers visit seniors' centres, hospitals and schools with properly evaluated dogs, no less than 1 year old, providing residents and patients the companionship of a pet.