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Family Mentor   Northumberland County 
WrapAround Northumberland
Northumberland County
The family mentor is a volunteer that comes alongside a family to give them 
encouragement and support as they learn how to find solutions to meet their needs and 
goals. The Family Mentor functions as a partner to the WrapAround facilitator, 
providing direct support and services to the family. 
The manner in which support is provided varies based on the family’s needs and goals. 
Some of these supports could include, but are not limited to, sharing experiences, 
motivating families, helping navigate the service delivery system, connecting family with 
community resources, and serving as a role model and friend. 
What does a volunteer family mentor do? 
• Attend initial and on-going training 
• Meet with your family regularly 
• Build a trust relationship with your family 
• Help family set goals and encourage them as they work to achieve their goals 
• Actively participate as a team member for the family 
• Assist the family in problem solving 
• Help family find and access community resources 
• Attend community activities as agreed upon with your family 
• Communicate regularly with the WrapAround volunteer coordinator to receive 
support for your mentoring relationship 
The mentoring role is a strength-based process which means that the family mentor 
connects the family’s strengths with strategies and uses those strengths to assist in 
meeting the family’s goals. The family mentor, along with the facilitator, helps the 
family identify their needs and works with the family and others involved to work 
towards the family’s goals. In establishing the supportive relationship with the family, 
the family mentor actively listens to the family to gather information on the family’s 
needs and goals and maintains communication to assist in identifying further or new 
needs or priorities as they arise
WrapAround Northumberland
Northumberland County
A WrapAround facilitator works closely with the family to develop a plan for achieving goals identified by the family. This plan is based on the unique strengths of the family and plans are flexible to meet the changing needs of the family.  
The Wraparound Facilitator’s duties are to: 
• Maintain the integrity of the Wraparound process, making sure that the guiding principles are followed throughout the process 
• Offer unconditional support to the participant and the wraparound team process 
• Help the participant create a positive, strength based team of people whose purpose is to develop a plan of action that supports the Wrap participant(s)in achieving their goals 
• Facilitate the smooth running of the team 
• Help the team develop the plan and implement the plan effectively